Advantages of a Mini Split Ductless Heating & Cooling System

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We’re often asked by homeowners to share our recommendation for the best heating and cooling solution for older homes. All too often many older homes have little to no space or existing ductwork in which to install traditional HVAC systems.

Alternative solutions have been around for a while, but they came with considerable drawbacks — cost of installation, noise, and inability to control the temperature in certain areas of the home, to name a few.

That’s all changed since Mini Split Ductless Systems became available for residential homes. These systems are ideal for older homes with limited ductwork AND check the boxes for efficiency, comfort, and ease of install (among others!)

The Magic Of A Mini Split Ductless Heating & Cooling System

Thanks to advances in HVAC technology, Mini Split Ductless Systems have become the choice for homes, home offices and businesses in instances where traditional HVAC systems cannot be feasibly installed. Mini Split Ductless Systems consist of an outdoor compressor/condenser and a quiet indoor air handler. These systems work in a similar way to central air systems but on a smaller scale and without running ductwork throughout your house.

We highly recommend Mini Split Ductless Systems for older homes, but they are also an attractive option for homes that need additional temperature adjustment throughout the day in specific rooms. Think: A home office or recently converted rooms used for remote learning, such as a basement. Since they can dehumidify the air, they also work well in rooms with excess moisture.

And because they do not require the expansive ductwork used in traditional central air configurations, Mini Split Ductless Systems are easy and fast to install. Most installations take only one day!

7 Key Advantages of Ductless Systems

There are a number of benefits to Mini Split Ductless Systems versus central heating or AC units.

1. Breathe easier

According to the EPA, the quality of indoor air is often lower than the quality of outdoor air. With traditional HVAC systems, air ducts must be professionally cleaned on a regular basis, and even after cleaning, dust and allergens are left behind. Mini Split Ductless Systems help you breathe easier, thanks to extremely efficient multi-stage filtration that can drastically reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens and other particulates in the air. What’s more, these filters can be cleaned and used over again, generating less waste.

2. Increased efficiency

Ductless systems are up to 30% more efficient than central or window units, which means they cool or heat your home faster and keep it that way. On hot summer nights or chilly winter mornings, you’ll feel the difference that comes with the greater capacity of a ductless system.

3. Impressive energy savings

The ability to cool or heat specific areas of your home at particular times allows you to control costs. For example, you may want to heat your home office in the morning, but have your bedroom cool at night. The savings to cool or heat only what you need when you need can be substantial, and many homeowners are pleasantly surprised to see how much their utility bills drop once they are no longer heating or cooling an entire home all day long.

4. Minimal noise

A Mini Split Ductless System is whisper-quiet when compared to a central air or window AC unit. This is an important consideration for those working from home, engaged in remote learning, or who have spent sleepless summer nights listening to noisy central air systems or the rattle of a window unit.

5. Compact size

A Mini Split Ductless System is much smaller too, which is why we call it the system that’s neither seen nor heard. The indoor unit that delivers the cool or warm air is installed in a low-visibility location (either high up on a wall or ceiling) while the outdoor unit is placed on a solid, stable surface. A 3-inch opening is all that is needed to connect a pair of lines which delivers electricity and removes condensate. Once installed, the sleek design allows it to blend in to the beauty of the home.

6. Versatility

Mini Split Ductless units can be used to cool and heat areas that are difficult to reach. This explains why they are popular choices not only for older homes but in a variety of settings such as offices, hospitals, hotels, and even schools. They also allow for independent control between rooms — meaning you can control the level of cooling based on personal preferences.

7. Year-round comfort

Because you can control the temperature room-by-room with a Mini Split Ductless unit, you get year-round comfort where and when you need it. This is especially important as we enter Fall and experience dramatic temperature swings. No more freezing mornings and sweltering afternoons!

Stay Comfortable Year-Round with a Mini Split Ductless System

With a Mini Split Ductless System, one other element to emphasize is the importance of selecting the right sized unit for the space. A unit that is too large or improperly installed can result in short-cycling, which would not provide proper temperature or humidity control. Always use a qualified installer since it is crucial to accurately size the indoor units as well as select the best location for the unit.
Contact Sila today for more information on a Mini Split Ductless System for your home or office.

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