Refer a Friend Program

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Get up to $250 every time you refer a friend!

Receive a $250 check from Sila after your referral installs an HVAC system. Or refer a friend for a service or repair and receive a $50 check from Sila.

Refer as many people as you like!

How it works

Receive a free 1-year maintenance plan when you refer a friend When you refer someone for a new installation, you will receive a free 1-year maintenance plan (or a credit for 1-year) from SilaNY

How it Works

1. Fill out and submit the referral form

2. Someone from SilaNY will reach out to your friend within a couple of days to book the appointment

3. Your friend meets with a comfort consultant

4. Your friend schedules their installation

5. After the installation has been completed, we apply a 1-year maintenance plan to your installation (or send a credit for a 1-year maintenance plan)

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